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Paris (Days 4-5)

Breanne is a Caps champ.

semi-overcast 12 °C

Yesterday we started the day by taking the metro down to Notre Dame. We didn't get there until after lunch after having a pretty late night after the Poni Hoax concert! After we got off the metro, we had no idea where we were, so we start walking. There are hundreds of tourists around us, but no Notre Dame. Michaela finally turned around, and shouts out "uh... gargoyles Breanne!" IMG_0173.jpg
So we head on over. To our surprise it was free (or, at least, we didn't pay!) Mass was just ending so we heard the last of the music then toured around. Although neither of us are very religious it was definitely something else inside. IMG_0185.jpg We couldn't walk to the upper story around the outside as the gates were closing, but we will probably head back to do it. Instead we just walked around the outside garden. IMG_0204.jpg
After we headed down to see the Eiffel Tower. Once again we get off the metro, totally lost and surrounded by thousands of people. We start walking, getting very frustrated because we can't see the Tower (which we assumed would be pretty obvious, right). All of a sudden Michaela turns around, looks up and says "uh... Breanne..." so we turn around and head to the base of the tower. It definitely was a sight to see. IMG_0280.jpg
Breanne got so excited while we took about 700 pictures of the tower... guess it just finally hit us at that moment where we were. We decided to go all the way up to the top, which took about half an hour. It was an amazing viez of the city and definitely worth it. We didn't play chess though!! We were pretty lucky to get to the Tower later on in the day, so we had a panini in the park for supper, and then got to watch the tower light up at night.
IMG_0300.jpg IMG_0308.jpg
So pretty!!

Afterwards we headed back to Greg's place (our couchsurfing host) and played Caps (drinking game) with him and his friend, Xavier. They also bought us some French beer to try (huge cans!! not like Canada!!) Breanne kicked everyone's ass...definitely will have to teach everyone this game.

This morning Greg and Xavier took us to get a cell phone, and then we went for lunch at a cute little cafe. Salad dressing here is....different. Hahaha. This afternoon we headed down to the shopping district... got to check out H&M, Zara, Louis Vuitton, etc. The best part of this whole afternoon was when our favorite part of Paris, the pigeons, decided to shit on Breanne's head. I still can't stop laughing and she's finally getting over it. Hahahahha. Mom - be proud! I didn't buy anything... yet!!!

We also got to see the Arc de Triomphe. I love Napoleon so this was pretty special for me. There was some sort of special ceremony for veterans going on so we couldn't get close to it but it was still pretty cool. IMG_0321.jpg

Our debit cards have finally been working everywhere..after a little incident when Breanne put her card into an ATM and then it went blank. We guessed and pressed random buttons and got 20 euros out of the machine so that was pretty funny.

We are back to the hostel tomorrow night... heard it is snowing there so just thought we would let you know that it is sunny and warm here :)

Love you and miss you all!!

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PARIS (Days 1-3)

Pigeons and Dirty Streets

sunny 15 °C

So we get to Paris after a very very long plane ride, where we only got to sleep 2 hours. We took a cab to the hostel (nice mercedes) and the driver was psycho. Craziest ride ever. We got to the hostel and found out we couldnt check in until 3pm, so we locked our bags up and went touring. We had no idea where we were. At all. We got a lot lost, but found a lot of neat places.

Let's tell you about the pigeons here. They are EVERYWHERE. IMG_0159.jpgAnd they swoop at your head and try to eat your feet. When we first got here, we were so creeped out by them. Breanne had a minor freak out on the street, but then we realized it was normal and Paris is very dirty.

We finally got to the hostel, got to check in and sleep off some jet lag. We found some baguettes for supper (you are right Michael...they are fresh at 8) and then we decided to head to the hostel bar and look at our maps...and check out the scenery aka English boys :). We met them...and had a few drinks to kick off our first night.

Next day we went to Père Lachaise Cemetary.. it is where Chopin, Jim Morrisson, Oscar Wilde, etc are buried.IMG_0041.jpg IMG_0063.jpg It was probably the coolest graveyard ever, but very confusing because it is massive. Some crazy man, who did not work there, but we believe lived there, spotted us out and tried to help us with directions. He got a little frustrated because we were going the wrong way, so he hit Michaela on the head, and called us crazy Canadians. Very strange. IMG_0040.jpgBut we did end up finding all the graves.

Yesterday we decided to figure out the Metro (Subway) and head to Versailles. First of all the Metro is pretty crazy.. so many people. But we found a few other tourists and we all went together. When we got to Versailles it was like 20 degrees outside (we have been very lucky the weather has been amazing). We toured Versailles, it was absolutely amazing and beautiful. We spent most of the afternoon there, then went back to the hostel to check out.IMG_0150.jpg IMG_0135.jpg IMG_0158.jpg We met a guy through CouchSurfing (which is a network of people who literally let you sleep on their couches). We were kind of nervous at first, but he showed up in a Hugo Boss suit to pick us up and turns out he is pretty awesome.

So last night we went to see a concert with Greg and his friend Xavier... Poni Hoax. They were absolutely amazing. But the coolest thing was that we were in this crazy old concert hall, in the middle of Montmarte (which is a very old and cultural part of the city). So it was pretty amazing. We finally caught up on our sleep and today we are heading to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, etc.

PS - Breanne's French skills are improving, and Michaela is getting very good at reading maps. The weather is awesome.

Love you and miss you all!!!!

Breanne and Michaela

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