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You Sex Me?

sunny 25 °C

We get to Berlin Sunday night. Monday we decided to go on this free walking tour with our roommates that we met. It is called the "New europe: New Berlin" walking tour. They have them in most big cities. We head out around 10:00am. It ends up being a super sweet walking tour. Our tour guide, her name was Natasha, was absolutely amazing. This tiny little Irish girl, who obviously had some sort of history background.. she was so animated and lovely. Any questions anyone asked, she knew. She even had the best little jokes about the French and about Hitler.
We ended up seeing the Brandenburg Gate,michaela1_024.jpg the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, the Fuhrerbunker, etc.. Unfortunately most of it was not in detail, just passing by and her explaining it. It was really great that it was free though. This lasted most of the afternoon.

That evening, we decided to hit up the New Europe Pub Crawl with the two roommates that we met, Lucas and Anthony. We started by hitting up the hostel bar (5euro pitchers) and then starting the pub crawl with free beer for an hour at this sketchy sand bar in East Berlin. (Which was actually pretty damn cool, altho it took us a super long time to get there). We drank as much as we could in an hour, then headed out to the first bar. The night was great, we got a free shot of Jagermeister with every beer (and got a lot of free shots from australian guys ;) haha).. so it ended up being pretty good. And very late.

The next morning we decided to do some laundry, and headed to the Holocaust memorial. michaela1_025.jpgThis memorial was basically a lot of cement blocks, all different heights, but same dimensions length and width wise. And then underneath was the actual museum. It was very intense, and was basically built for you to take your own meaning from it. We felt it was like a lot of unmarked graves, with no names and no faces. Everyone has their own opinion though. The museum underneath was absolutely unreal, everyone should visit it. It had the best explanation of the war.. the rising of the Third Reich and the propaganda and different families who experienced the war. They had tons of first-hand encounters and letters.. it was very moving. Afterwards it was very hard to think about anything else for a little while.

That night we ended up meeting up with an old friend, Hendrik. He was an exchange student while we were both still in high school, and he is now attending unvirsity in Berlin. So we called him up, and met up with him and his friend Jan for a few drinks. They took us allllllllll over Berlin (even though Hendrik is new too, so he used the map as much as we did). They took us to the BEST burger place in Berlin, and then to a few cool lounge/bar places. We didn't stay out too late as we were pretty dead from the pub crawl the night before.

The next day we headed out to the East Side Gallery. This is one of the largest parts of the Berlin Wall that has been decorated with artworks (graffiti) by several different world-renowned graffitti artists. michaela1_034.jpgUnfortunately a lot of it has been ruined by tourists and other people, so they are actually beginning to redo, and hopefully done by 2010. We did get to see a good portion of it though, even through the rain!! (yes, first rainy day of our trip!!.. breanne cried!! haha) We headed to the Reichstag to walk all the way up to the glass top.. which was an amazing view of Berlin. That night we hung out with our new roommates, and then we headed to the....

EROTIK MUSEUM!!! michaela1_029.jpgOhhhh baby. WHAT an experiene. We waited to get to Berlin's Erotic Museum because we were told it was the best. Well, was it ever. Let's just say, the Asian history is absolutely crazy. There was a large gold penis. And tiger penis. Annnnd Breanne got asked "You sex me?" by some random crazy German guy standing in the lobby while Michaela was in the bathroom. Let's just say, last time Michaela leaves Breanne alone. But then again, something crazy HAS to happen in the Erotik Museum, right? Hahahahahaaaaaa

Thursday night we again met up with Hendrik and went to the DDR Museum. This was probably the coolest museum we have ever been to. You got to dress up, dance, play with toys.... pictures will come later to explain this. It was SO awesome. It was sad to say bye to Hendrik, but hopefully he will come to Canada sometime soon! (Or we will be back in Berlin!!!)michaela1_031.jpg

Friday, we got blessed with some amazing weather, so we headed tot he Schloss Charlottenburg, and hit up the gardens of this awesome castle. The sun was great, we basked in it forever, and then had a picnic. Afterwards we headed to the Tiergarten, where there was this crazy Sri Lanken demonstration (we tried to steer clear of it, although it seemed pretty harmless.. tons of Polizei everywhere). We basked there for awhile, saw a few war monuments, then headed to catch our train back to Paris!!!

Pictures and more updates will come when we find better internet time!!!!

Love you all!!

Michaela and Breanne

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Denmark (Days 14-19)

ferry and rolex

sunny 13 °C

Soooo alot has happened in the past week. Last Tuesday, we woke up early because we had a few things to take care of before heading off to Kroner land. (Kroner is the currency in Denmark, it confused Michaela, but more about that later.) We had to go to the Eurail office because Michaela can't read directions. She apparently left the cover of her Eurail pass in Canada somewhere (possibly in a garbage can) and her Eurail pass is not valid without it. Of course, she only realizes this two weeks into our trip so she has been travelling illegally. How wonderful. So we got that figured out and then went to the NS Documentations museum. bouffner_020.jpg We could have spent all day in there. It was so detailed and so many exhibitions. Breanne learned alot and Michaela just added to her already extensive knowledge base of such things. In the basement of the museum were old cells that have been preserved. It was pretty creepy down there, and Michaela almost cried (not because she was scared, just because she was overwhelmed with the meaning of the place). Our time there was cut short by us having to catch a train at 1:30.

So we hopped on a train with no mishaps this time. We had a hard time figuring out if the train would stop in Naestved (where Breanne's cousin lives). It wasn't until we got on the second train that we finally figured it out. Some crazy man who works as an attendant asked Breanne where she was coming from. She said Canada, and he replied ''I don't think any of these trains came from Canada'' so Breanne realized how stupid she sounded. Anywho, he told us that the train did stop in Naestved so Monique and Carsten did not have to pick us up in Copenhagen.

So at one point on our train ride, the train stopped and some man gave instructions (in danish and german, but not english so we had no idea what was going on). All of a sudden, our train enters some sort of holding cell type thing and everyone starts getting off. Being very confused, we followed. We climbed up some steps and realized we were on a ferry. Yes, our train went on a ferry. How weird. We had a little freak out about being on the ocean. But it was a really cool experience. michaela1_005.jpg

We finally arrived in Naestved (after thinking that we had missed our stop and not knowing what to do) and Monique and Carsten greeted us. They gave us a nighttime tour of the area (we had no idea where we were) and then took us home and fed us. It was such a good meal after being on the train all day. After that we basically just went and died in the most comfortable beds we have slept in so far on our trip.

The next day we slept in and did laundry and basically just hung out until Carsten got home from work. When Monique got home from school, she made us a Danish lunch (it was very interesting, some parts were better than others). Then we got the daytime tour of the area. We still had no idea where we were. Haha. We just knew that Denmark was very beautiful. That night, we ate some more delicious food (we are so not used to having full meals anymore) and drank some wine (we opened a few bottles that night).

The following day, we went to tour Naestved while Monique was at school and Carsten was at work. They dropped us off at the tourist center and left us to figure stuff out for ourselves. We started off by walking to the city center and realizing that basically nothing opens until 10:00. We were at a loss for awhile until we thought to go to the hill where all the statues of the Monks and the troll are. The story of the troll is pretty neat, but we don't remember too much of it. michaela1_009.jpgThe main point is that this troll planned to bury some churches (?) with a sack of sand, but there was a hole in the bag and all the sand leaked out while he was walking which formed this long stretch of road (we think). Anywho, after seeing the troll statue we went in search of the monks. Along the way we met an old man who we think lived on the hill on a bench. He just stared at us as we walked past. Then we found this rickety old tower and thought it would be a good idea to climb it. Let's just say that was a mistake. For anybody who doesn't know, Breanne is terrified of heights. And this tower was not the sturdiest thing to be climbing. Plus is was crazily windy that day which didn't help matters. So now that you have all that in mind, imagine Breanne at the top of this thing trying to figure out how to get down without actually getting down on her hands and knees and crawling down the steps. We did manage to get a pretty good view of the city though.

So from here, we went to the monks. They weren't as impressive as we thought they would be, so we decided to take weird pictures with them. michaela1_011.jpg michaela1_012.jpg

After the Monks, we went to St. Peder's church which is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) churches in Denmark we believe. Close to the church was a little museum which was really cool and had some interesting things. One room really freaked us out though. It was full of barbies. Lots and lots of barbies. All the same model. The point was that they were dressed in clothes that the queen had worn over the years, but it was still freaking creepy. (and yes, denmark has a royal family)

After all this touring, Michaela wanted to go shopping. Breanne did not really want to, but went to help Michaela figure out the Kroner system. Because Michaela+Kroner=confused Michaela.michaela1_008.jpg They're really not that confusing (except for the fact that 100 Kroner basically equals twenty dollars) but Michaela's excuse is that math is not her thing. That night we basically just ate and drank more wine haha.

On Friday, we went into Copenhagen (after missing the first train because people in Denmark are not very helpful). While there, we went on a canal tour and saw lots of the major sights from the water. It was very neat, but cold because we were used to Germany's weather and did not dress properly. After the boat tour, we went to Amalianborg, which is where the royal family lives. We did not get to see them, but we watched the guards for awhile. They looked very angry so we didn't go to talk to them. At this point we got hungry, so we went to the little garden mazes and sat on a bench and ate some cantaloupe with spoons and people watched.

We then walked down by the river to get to the little mermaid. She was a gift to Denmark that they have displayed for the public. Apparently she will be moved soon because she has been beheaded and vandalized so many times. They never did find her head, so parts of her are no longer the original. michaela1_018.jpg

The last thing we did that day was go to the roundtower which has ramps leading up to the top instead of stairs. That's a long way to walk, but the view at the top was amazing. michaela1_015.jpg And it was warm up there so we got to tan a little bit (much to Breanne's dismay).

By this time, Michaela decided it was time to go shopping (again). Breanne followed her from store to store and didn't buy anything. Neither did Michaela, but she still had a great time. (ps Denmark is expensive, don't buy anything there if you don't have to haha).

Monique and Carsten ended up meeting up with us later on that evening. In the meantime, we sat in a big open square and saw lotsa strange things (more gypsies, homeless people, groups of young people talking to the homeless people and barking at girls, pigeons fighting for food, and 13 year olds basically doing it with their clothes on on the bench next to us). Good times. Carsten and Monique took us to a Turkish restaurant for supper (it was good, but weird to be eating turkish food in Denmark). Carsten payed and then told us he had bought us supper. So thanks Carsten! When we got home that night we died in the comfy beds again.

Saturday, Monique and Carsten took us hiking at Mons Klint. It was sooooo beautiful there (you will have to wait for the pics though). michaela1_019.jpgWe hiked through the cliffside trails and then climbed down a HUGE staircase (500 stairs to get down, we didn't think about getting back up until later) and walked along the beach looking for fossils. We found a few things and kept a few cool rocks. We then had a picnic on a log and wrote our names with calcium stones (the whole cliff is full on calcium). It was such an amazing day. When we got the stairs to get back up though, the stairs were under water so we had to take off our shoes and socks and walk through the chilly water. Then came the 500 stairs to get back up. Let's just say we had to take a break or two in between.

That night, Monique and Carsten took us out to a bar to get us drunk (like we haven't done that enough already). We had a good time and stayed out til 5:00 am (apparently it's normal for the bars to stay open that late?). We met some strange Danish boys. One put his 30,000 dollar rolex on Michaela then passed out and almost forgot about it. (too bad Monique told him she still had it, that could have payed for our trip haha) Another got Breanne to dance then started dancing with some other girl so Breanne sat down because she didn't feel like watching. We also got invited to an aferparty but when we asked for directions the guy just pointed and said 'I live over there' so we didn't go.

Sunday, we went to have lunch at Carsten's parents' place after sleeping for only five hours. We had another Danish lunch (again it was interesting) and were told to keep eating even after we were stuffed. We basically did not have to eat anymore that day. His parents were very entertaining. His dad, Kye, would speak to us in Danish as though we could understand what he was saying, and his Mom, Ree (sorry if we spell them wrong) made sure we did everything properly, including using the right plates.

At four thirty we jumped on another train to get to Berlin. Saying goodbye was sad, but we knew it would have to come. We had an hour layover in Hamberg, where there had apparently been some sort of soccer game because everyone in the train station was hammered and wearing soccer scarves. At one point, two guys got into a fight over something that was said, and the SWAT team came running. Seriously, the security there was crazy. Like, this fight took place about ten metres from us, and suddenly all these securty guys came running at us wearing helmets and with muzzled dogs going crazy. We were like, it's a good thing we cut Hamberg out of our trip, the people there are insane.

We finally arrived in Berlin and found our hostel pretty easily. (They had great directions unlike other places we've stayed.) We got to our room and our roommates were still awake so we got to meet them right away. They were pretty cool (one was from New York, the other was from Miami) and told us about a walking tour that was going to happen the next day. Once again, we basically just died because we were tired from lack of sleep and travelling all day.

Berlin is a whole other story.

Take care in Canada. Miss you all!

Breanne and Michaela

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Heidelberg - Cologne (Days 10-13)

Giant Slide and Michael Jackson

sunny 20 °C

OOOKKKK so when we last left you all, we were getting ready to go to a BBQ with our host Matt. That did not turn out because he is impossible to get ahold of during the day, so our other host, Joe, recommended that we go to this place called Essighaus. YUMMMMM. We had veal schnitzel and huge salads and fantastic beer. It was an amazing meal (the thrid actual meal we have had since being here haha). bouffner_011.jpgWe basically ate until we could not move anymore.

After supper (and some time sitting to digest supper) we went for a stroll and met up with Matt on a bridge. He led us to this "party area" which is basically a huge field by the Neckar River where people smoke flavored tobacco (not marijuana apparently haha) and drink lots of alcohol. It was pretty crazy (kind of like countryfest but it happens all the time) and we saw a girl almost die from drinking too much. Anywho, after that, we went to a karaoke bar with Matt and his friends and saw lots of people butcher lots of awful songs. The germans love when people from other countries sing karaoke because we don't have accents when we sing.

After that bar, we headed to another bar and got some free drinks and one euro spaghetti. It was good. It was at this bar that we saw Michael Jackson. At least, we think it was him. (Isn't he hiding in Germany right now?) If it wasn't him, it was definitely a look alike and sound-alike. bouffner_012.jpg We headed back to Matt's place but before we were allowed to go to sleep, we had to go down this MASSIVE slide. Since Heidelberg is built into the mountain, they have slides and stairs connecting the different levels to make it easier for people to get down to the main area. Michaela loved the slide. She went down like five times. Once was enough for Breanne. bouffner_013.jpgbouffner_014.jpg

On Saturday, we went to an Internet cafe to book a hostel for Saturday night in Cologne and that did not go very well. For about an hour, we thought we would have to sleep outside (Breanne held out for sleeping in the train station) but then we finally found a hostel with a room available.

We took the train to Cologne and had some issues figuring out how to get to our hostel. Luckily, the information booth man was very nice and thoughtful and gave us lots of maps. When Michaela asked him if he could speak English, he responded with "Can you speak German?" haha.

We arrived at our hostel and we did not like it. It was too nice. It was a HI hostel like the one we stayed at in Paris, except this one was geared more towards families. It was more like a hotel than a hostel. So, we stayed there for one night, then moved to a more backpacker hostel (scuzzy the way we like it...Michaela has definitely changed during our trip).

Sunday was Easter!! (Happy Easter everyone) Our plan was to possibly go to mass like the good Catholic girls we are...haha... That did not happen. We did however manage to catch the last bit of mass in the Dom (the big Cathedrale here) when we went to tour. bouffner_018.jpgThe choir was amazing and we stood in awe for a few minutes. After the Dom, we went to the chocolate museum. There's nothing better than real German chocolate on easter (Breanne even found some she likes). bouffner_015.jpgMichaela was hyper for the rest of the day (too much sugar!!) bouffner_016.jpgWe also found out that chocolate can lead to kidney stones, which explains alot eh Michaela.

We also stopped by the Ludwig Museum and viewed art by people such as Andy Warhol. There was lots of weird shit in there. It was awesome, but we were not allowed to take pictures. :( Sunday night, we had a real easter meal.....chicken ceasar salad...from McDonalds. After that, we just hung out at the hostel all night, doing laundry, talking to some crazy man from Alberta (he was like sixty and we did not want to talk to him but he wouldn't go away) and creeping on young German men. Michaela was in love (lots of tanned blonde guys here).

Today we had one of our first lazy days. Not many things were open, so we just went back to the Dom for awhile (Michaela broke her shoe and almost cried),bouffner_017.jpg went to the Roman-Germanic museum, located the NS Documentation Museum but it was closed, went for some ice cream and hung out by the Rhein River. Talk about a good day. While we were hanging out by the river, two black men came over to invite us to go see their band play. We gave them our fake names (Alexis and Sam), told them we were sisters (Michaela's the big sister) and also that we were living in France. They asked if they could give us their phone number so we could call them. Michaela responded "Why?" and they left. Hahaha.

Tomorrow we are heading to Denmark, should be there around 23h00 (everything is in 24 hour time out here, we are starting to figure it out haha). Hope everyone had a great Easter (and better suppers than we did). We might share our chocolate with you if you're lucky and Michaela doesn't eat it first.

Love you and miss you all. (But we really love it here.)

(Pictures when we get to Denmark)

Sam and Alexis

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Strasbourg - Heidelberg (Days 8-10)

Amazing Race!!

sunny 24 °C

So Tuesday morning came around (too early... cheap beer remember) and we thought we were on the ball. We got our stuff ready, and headed to the train station an hour before we had to leave. We decided to have some lunch and then Michaela had to pee so bad (BTW - you have to pay .50 to use the bathroom in almost any big place here.. it sucks), so she went in the massive line and waited. We still had about 15 minutes to catch the train, so we headed to the platform. We weren't quite sure where to go, so we asked a man. He was like "Oh man, you're going to miss your train! It is the second train! FAST FAST FAST!!" And we were like WOAH. So we ran down the platform... which by the way is like half a mile long.. maybe more. So we are running with these massive backpacks, no idea where we are going, just listening to the man say FAST FAST behind us. Breanne slows down cause her pants are falling down and she is wearing flip flops, but Michaela is just going like there is no tomorrow. We finally get to the right train, get on and sit down. Breanne almost has a stroke. Not even kidding. Michaela is so full of adrenaline, we just laughed for like 14 minutes. It was so funny. We thought we were on the Amazing Race. Then we got this good idea to go on the Amazing Race cause we have done so well getting lost and finding our way around so far.

So we are on the train and we get to Strasbourg around 8:00. We are staying with another couchsurfing host, Sam. We called him to get directions to his place, then we hop on the tramway and head to his place. From his directions it sounded pretty easy. Then we get off on the wrong stop (that's the last time Michaela is navigating the tramway.. stick to the maps!!!!!!!!) We ended up walking around for like TWO HOURS with these massive bags trying to find his place, until some girls pointed us in the right direction. The whole time he had been on the phone wiht us trying to direct us, which we thought was kind of lame that he couldn't come and get us. But he was making brownies (not special ones). We finally get there and collapse on the couch because our backs are broken.

That night we just died and then got up the next morning to tour around. We visited La Petite France, a little area with lots of old buildings and churches. bouffner_006.jpgIt is very beautiful.. so much nicer than Paris. We went to the Cathedral Notre Dame, this super old church and walked around. We were gonna sneak up to the organ but found out it was not allowed. bouffner_007.jpgAfterwards we got a chocolate panini (so good.. literally just a small baguette with nutella put in a panini press for like a second), found an internet cafe and then we headed to the mall.. to.. go.. SHOPPING YESSS. Michaela was very excited. Breanne could care less. We bought jackets and shoes, then headed to a little pizza place where Breanne's French was tested to the limits. In Strasbourg, they speak Alsacian, so it is a mix between French and German (because strasbourg has been traded between the two countries so many times) It is quite entertaining to listen to actually. Everyone has probably heard about the riots that happened in Strasbourg a few days before we got there. It was actually fine though. It is a cute little university town, not much more. We headed back to our host's house, but he was out doing an Improv show so we didn't actually see him much the whole time we were there. We stayed in both nights (which is rare for us after Paris hahah) and then on Thursday we took the train to HEIDELBERG.

HEIDELBERG IS GREAT. Breanne and Michaela are in love with it.
We arrived by smaller train lines, which are cooooonfusing. It is more like taking the metro from town to town, because you get off the train all the time to switch trains (we learnt how to read German signs FAST). When we finally arrived in Heidelberg, our host Matt picked us up at the train station. It was so weird to be in a car again. We are staying with Mat and Joe, they are actually two American guys going to school here in Heidelberg, so it is kind of neat. We toured around when we got here, and headed to the old church and this really old bridge. Heidelberg is very very old. Mat was gone to a night course, so we decided to head back to the house after awhile. We thought we could find it pretty easily. Wronnnnng. Just so everyone knows, Heidelberg is built into the mountain. Which means there are random streets going everywhere and it is all either uphill or downhill. No straight. So we walk around uphill on tiny cobblestone streets for like an hour. And it is HOT and we have no water and haven't eaten or peed for like... 6 hours. It was treacherous, to say the least (can you sayy Amazing Race!)
After we walked by the house like 4 times, we realize where it is and head back. We just hung out for awhile then had an early night as we were pooped from walking all day.

Today we got up, and headed to the Schloss (the old castle). bouffner_008.jpgIt is pretty remarkable. Half of it is not even there any more, it has been ruined like two or three times by war and once by lightning or something. We walked around the courtyard for awhile, then headed down to the wine cellar where there is a MASSIVE wine barrel. Can't remember exactly how big but hte pictures will do it justice. bouffner_009.jpgWe have been walking around all afternoon, basking in the heat. Yes, that's right, Breanne has a tan. We just layed down by the Neckar river for awhile because it is seriously like 24 degrees out right now. It is beautiful. There is green everywhere, except for the strange nobby trees.bouffner_010.jpg

Tonight we are going to some sort of BBQ with our host, and then tomorrow we are heading to beautiful Cologne!! We can't wait!!

Hope everyone is doing great out there --- hope the weather is getting warmer because we are going to come back with the most amazing tans of our lives and you're all going to be white!!


Love you and miss you,

Michaela and Breanne

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Paris (Days 6-7)

Gargoyle Faces

overcast 12 °C

Our last day at our host's place, Greg made us a fabulous lunch after bringing us to the French market. It was sooo good to have such a good meal. There was chicken, pomme de fin (some sort of sweet potato that looked like a chicken ball... absolutely amazing), rum, baguettes, cantaloupe, cheese. bouffner_002.jpgThey eat a lot of courses when they have their big meals.. which is not everyday, but because we don't eat that much, it was hard to keep up. Delicious though.
bouffner_001.jpg(us with Greg)

We left Greg's place and went back to the hostel for our last two nights in Paris. We ended up staying one extra night in Paris because there was a little more we wanted to see that we didn't get to.. aka the Louvre. So Sunday night we hung out with some friends we had previously met at the hostel, and we met a new friend: JANNES!!! bouffner_005.jpgHe worked at the hostel, but we had never met him before that night. He is the most sociable person we have ever met, even more than Michaela. He is originally from Germany.

We went out with Jannes and Pat and a few other people that night to meet Pat's friend, who had just completed the Paris Marathon, at this crazy little pub in the Latin Quarter. It was so pretty there. Happy hour lasted until ten, for 2.50 a pint.... we had a good time. On the metro at night, bums sleep everywhere. Our one friend Sahid started beat boxing Bob Marley and drumming with the seats and woke them all up, and they were swearing at us. But we kept singing and dancing. It was hilarious.

On Monday we headed to the Louvre after booking our train tickets to Strasbourg. We were pretty excited to get there, and walked around for a long time until we saw the Glass Pyramid. It was alright. HAHA. To be honest, it wasn't as much as you expect it to be, probably because it is built up to be so much. We then went into the museum, and looked for all the major displays. We saw the Mona Lisa, Venus, a lot of Egyptian antiques, paintings of Napoleon (Michaela was in love), a LOT of religious paintings. bouffner_003.jpgWe got a little tired, and to be honest, a little bored. It sounds really bad to be bored in such an amazing place, but this place is HUGE. It is honestly a little too big. We were there for 2 and a half hours and only saw about 1/4 of everything. So we started taking pictures of the "size" of the statues... some were not very impressive for the size of the man. Hahahah.

We finished at the Louvre and went back to the hostel. We ended up having to switch rooms, and got separated. Which was a first in our whole trip. Michaela had a new roommate, a girl named Rachel from Melbourne. She was pretty sweet. bouffner_004.jpgShe was backpacking around Europe by herself, trying to do 15 countries in 3 months. So we shared a few stories and got ready to head back to the little pub that night. We met up with the English boys we had met, Pat and Jaff, and Jannes and Rachel also joined us. We walked back down to the sweet little pub with cheep beer and had a good time.

The next day we set off to Strasbourg...

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