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Michaela found a man....

sunny 20 °C

We arrived in Saint Malo after a very bad train ride. It ended up that the only train we could take from Bordeaux was at four oclock in the morning. We figured that if we just stay up for awhile we could sleep on the train and feel okay. But that didn't happen. A group of 3 drunk guys hopped on and decided to sit across from us and make massive amounts of noise, in French. They talked about eating chicken for like an hour. If you hear the phrase MANGE LE POULET for more than fifteen minutes the only thing going through your mind is how you can get away with murder. It was a really bad train ride. Thankfully they got off and we managed to get a little bit of sleep.

We got to Saint Malo and had a pretty great bus ride to the hostel. This hostel was totally different than any other Hostelling International Hostel, it was a joint Centre and Hostel thing. Anyways there were tennis courts, basketball courts, bike rentals, and a whole LOT of old people. Usually hostels have age restrictions so this was weird. The only good thing was the kitchen and the free internet.

Our plan in Saint Malo was to get super super tanned. Unfortunately our first whole day there was pretty crappy weather so we just caught up on sleep. Breanne had a friend from university, Simon, who lives in England who came over on the Ferry to meet up with us for a few days. Saint Malo is right across the English Channel from England for anyone who doesn't know. Breanne had quite the adventure getting to the ferry port. She got up super early to catch a 7:20 bus, then got to the bus station and got on the wrong bus going the wrong direction. She finally figured that she was actually on the right bus, but did not nkow this so she walked through a field to get to the ferry. Fortunately she found it right before Simon arrived so everything was good. Michaela was still asleep.

Simon arrived, and we all headed to the Hotel Alpha Ocean, a 2-star hotel 20m from the beach. Perfect. We could look out our window and see the ocean. We all headed to the old city, Intra Muros, to eat and search for a Pub because the football finals were on, and Breanne and Michaela have been in Europe long enough to get addicted to football (aka soccer for you guys), plus we were with an English man so we figured we should watch it. We found a few that were showing the game, then decided on one with a bunch of old men hippies in it. We had a few drinks before the game started, assuming it would get busy right before like all the other football games we have watched. We were wrong. Finally we asked the old man bartender what was going on, and he informed us that the young people in Saint Malo do not go out to watch football, they only go to clubs and discos late at night. We found this quite odd. So instead we headed back to our hotel with some alcohol and watched the game there.

The next day we headed to the Grand Aquarium as the weather was still not nice.4Photo_001.jpg This is one of the biggest aquariums in Brittany and it had sharks. Michaela found the man of her dreams here... the biggest shark in the tank. He had his eye on her (perhaps it was feeding time). 5Photo_002.jpgThe aquarium was pretty neat and had tons of different kinds of fish. At the end you got to go into these mini submarine things and go underwater to check out the fish scenery. It was pretty cool. Afterwards we got drunk in the hotel room because the clubs were all too far away, and all the buses in these small towns have horrible horrible schedules and no night bus.

The next day we woke up to sunny sunny hot weather, so we headed down to the beach. That was pretty much it. Michaela and Breanne decided to venture into the water, which was a little chilly. Kind of like Manipogo at the beginning of the season. But the waves were smaller here than Biarritz so we did not get pushed around and could actually stay in for awhile. It was nice. We headed to a Tex Mex mexican restaurant for supper and had some yummy enchiladas. We also had real margaritas. Breanne did not enjoy these, but Michaela enjoyed a plentiful amount.

Simon headed back to the England the next morning. That afternoon we headed back to the old city to tour around some more and check out things we had missed. We were approached by a rando in the grocery store who tried to tell us what kind of wine to buy, so we told him our fake names and pretended we couldn't speak French. He finally decided to leave but before he could walk away he had to look us up and down with a "Mmmm". That is the last time Michaela is wearing short shorts to the grocery store. We took the beach back to our hotel and collected some shells and random things we found on the beach.6Photo_004.jpg That night we went down to the beach with some alcohol and sat on the rocks and watched the tide come in. 2Photo_005.jpgAs you drink more and more alcohol the waves get crazier and crazier. Finally we had to come back because the tide was too close. We had to walk across this high barrier, which was quite wide but Breanne being scared of heights had a hard time walking across it, and had to watch Michaela's feet in front of her. But lets remember that Michaela was previously chugging back Malibu so this was quite the entertaining walk for anyone watching.

The next day we headed back to the hostel for two nights. We went to the beach again and then decided we would take the night off from drinking and instead challenge each other to a tennis match. Neither of us are tennis pros, but we looked pretty damn good playing it. Not. Tennis is not easy for anyone who does not know. But we managed to have a few pretty decent rallies.

Monday we headed to Mont Saint Michel. 4Photo_006.jpgThis is literally an Abby on an island, but you can reach it by vehicle. Only about an hour and a half away from Saint Malo. The church was built on the hill, and then a wall and fortress and little town was built around it to protect it during invasions. During low tide you can walk around it, but you have to be careful because there is tons of quicksand. 1Photo_007.jpgIt has been known to eat horses. That evening we drank wine and played basketball for a few hours.

At 8:00 the next morning we headed to our final destination.....

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