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Ahh the French Riviera, what a beautiful place to be. We arrived in Nice on Sunday, May 9, after a fairly short train ride (this one was only four hours...maybe we are becoming immune to travelling??). We stepped out of the train station and followed the fantastic directions to the hostel we were staying in (turn left out of the train station, walk 100 m, turn right onto Rue Angleterre, and there it is!). When we first got these directions we were like 'it can't be that easy'...but it was. Pretty sure this was the easiest place to find out of all the places we have stayed in so far. It was nice not to be lost for two hours carrying our massive backpacks...

Anywho, we arrived in Hostel Baccarat and were greeted by the owner, Dan. What a crazy man. As soon as we got there he asked us if we wanted Champagne and we were like 'Right now?? It's three pm...' and he was like 'No, tonight, we have a party and I give out free champagne...every night!' so we were like sure why not. Then he asked if we wanted to have our own private room for the same price we would have payed for the 10 bedroom dorm we had booked. We would get our own bathroom too. Let's just say we were all over that. (We decided we could meet people at the free champagne party). The room ended up being pretty sweet even if it was a little small. We basically had to plan our trips across the room (one of us would jump on the bottom bunk so the other one could get to the bathroom) but it was nice to have our own space.

So that first night in Nice, we basically just walked around our surrounding area and made some great food in the amazing kitchen at the hostel. We ended up meeting some Canadian girls and having supper with them then made our way to the free champagne party with Dan (the owner). He was such a crazy guy who wanted everyone to have a great time at his hostel so he partied with us (don't worry, we are pretty sure he was gay so he wasn't creeping on us). Anyways, this was part of the 'Breanne's too sick to live' week so she went to sleep early, but Michaela stayed out and made some friends (she told Breanne she would be going to the room 'soon' after Breanne went to bed...but two hours after Breanne went to bed Michaela still wasn't back so Bre went to check on her. After making sure she was still alive Bre slept well).

The next day (after Michaela came back to life) we headed down to the beach and LAYED THERE ALL DAY. Ok well maybe not all day, the beaches there are rocky so you have to change position every once in awhile and get up and stretch so you don't lose feeling in your limbs. But we had beautiful weather and we were tired of touring hard core so we had a great day by the ocean. Photo_001.jpg On our way back to the hostel, we got a little shopping in (Breanne was ok with it this time, she needed new shirts).

Monday night was basically a repeat of sunday night. Breanne went to bed early again and Michaela went out with Belle (the Canadian girl we had met) to this bar called Chez Wayne's. It was a super awesome bar run by Australians and English men and it's geared towards backpackers. Basically you just partied and danced on the tables all night long. Michaela had a blast even though nobody fell off the tables for her to laugh at.

Tuesday rolled around and Breanne was very very sick. We found an English hospital to go to and figured out how to walk there and set off. Well, let's just say we did not realize how far away the other side of Nice was from us. After hiking for about an hour and a half in hot hot weather (that's right we are complaining about the heat...we know it's snowing back home...get over it) we finally reached our destination only to discover it wouldn't be open for another hour and a half. Breanne almost cried at this moment so we went to buy some food and sat at some monumental park thing to hang out and lounge until the doctor arrived.

At three, we went to the doctor's office and were greeted by some crazy french doctor man. He ended up being very nice and after a short examination pronounced that Breanne had tonsilitis. He prescribed some meds, pointed us in the direction of the pharmacy and off we went. After all this, we decided to take the bus back to our hostel.

That night is too boring to write about (that's right we went to bed early and did NOTHING).

Wednesday we went to...MONACO. We figured out that we could take a bus there for only one euro so we decided to make a day trip out of it. Well, we were not very well prepared for this day trip (no maps, no plans, no idea where to go to catch the bus to get back) and we ended up having a great time getting lost in this town. We ended up finding the Prince's Palace all on our own (which offered a great view of the city and strange looking guards). Unfortunately we did not find Grace Kelly's grave because we had no idea where anything was. But we did get to see lots of money money money. Oh man, you should have seen the yachts in this place. Photo_002.jpgMichaela was in her glory (imagining herself in this life), Breanne was so disgusted by all that wasted space and money, she started to look a little green. She finally had to pull Michaela away from the Bentleys and the Yacht stores. Other highlights of this trip: the Ni Hotel with shrubbery growing on it (Michael and anyone else who has watched the holy grail are the only ones who will understand)Photo_003.jpg, the crazy cross dresser lady sitting on the bench 'tanning', beautiful weather and views, and seeing people setting up for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, and Michaela finding her Redkin hair products.

Wednesday night was also too boring to write about. (Yes, that's right...Michaela's games are strange and not very fun hahaha...have you ever had to play the country game all night long....for a MONTH? Breanne didn't think so)

Thursday we spent the day on the beach again. Breanne decided it would be a good idea to go swimming and the waves ate her. Honestly, one second she was up to her neck, the next she was sitting on the rocks wondering what just happened. It was nice and refreshing anyways. Michaela was too lazy to do anything other than roll over and make fun of the couples groping each other.

That evening we met a couple Australians staying in the hostel and decided we would go to the free champagne party with them for our last night. Well, Michaela and Champagne are not always the best combination (we should have learned at countryfest two years ago). Let's just say by twelve she was ready for bed so we said goodbye to everyone and headed up to the room where Breanne decided it would be a good idea to tell Michaela to eat Nutella right out of the jar. What a mess. We ended up with Nutella EVERYWHERE: on the shower curtain, in Breanne's bed...Michaela also chased Breanne around which was hard in a room that small. We have a video. If you're lucky we'll let you see it...hhehe

Ok so Friday came and we decided to go to Cannes for the film festival. Photo_004.jpgWe got all pretty and hopped on the bus...then stayed on the bus for two hours. What a long ride. But oh well, it was only one euro. Um we basically just walked around and checked out the town. We didn't get to see any stars but we did see their yachts. Photo_005.jpg More wastes of money as far as Breanne is concerned. Michaela was in awe of the Valentino store she found. Breanne wouldn't let her near it (you are very welcome Richard and Terri). We didn't have the best weather but we made the most of it. Breanne finally decided to buy her own umbrella after being poked in the head about a million times (Michaela's challenged because she is left handed) and bought a sketchy umbrella from a sketchy man on the street. Oh well at least now she won't get mauled by Michaela's umbrella.

We decided to leave Cannes at 4:00 in order to catch our train that night. However, we arrived at the bus station and saw a sign that read 'Bus services for line 200 are delayed until 17:00 due to an attack on one of our drivers'. Talk about sketchy. Well we waited until 5 (because the train workers went on strike so this was our only mode of transportation) and met a crazy italian man who loved us because we were 'les petites canadiennes'.

We finally made it back to Nice and managed to go shopping before leaving (Jo we got your present, finally) then headed over to the train station for our THIRD overnight train. This time we got the reclining chairs which weren't bad...if you like sleeping in chairs.

Well, that's all for now folks. We can hopefully add pictures to show you all the beautiful weather out here.

Love you and miss you all!

Mick and Bree

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Hey Girls!
Hope you're feeling better Breanne! I had tonsilitis while travelling in Australia, not fun at all!
I think I saw a pic of your two guys from the bar, you know, the footballer and his buddy! I think they are in our little town of Karrebæk! We got a newsletter about rec sports, I could swear there is a pic of them in there!!! LOL
So you got to the beach and soked up some sun, lovely, wish I were there! 3 more weeks and your back home, going fast isnt it?! Love reading your blog, cant wait to see you girls back home!
Play Safe!
Love Monique

by MoniqueV

Hey Monique,
Yes Breanne is feeling better! Finally. Is it the guy who gave Michaela the rolex?? Hahahaha we didn't remember that they played football haha. Our trip is going by waay too fast, can't believe we will be home in like two weeks... thinking about it makes us cry. Excited to see you too!
Love Breanne and Michaela

by bouffner

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